Small Space


A personal project developed in a few weeks using Corona SDK and published on the Google Play Store.


Whilst exploring the vast emptiness of space a lone spaceman becomes trapped. With the walls moving in, how long can you keep him alive?

A small project developed within a few weeks, using skills I obtained through the game development module I undertook in my third year of my undergraduate degree. Key features of the game include:​

Small Space attempts to replicate the success of games such as Flappy Birds, by focusing on creating a game around a single gameplay mechanic, that is both simple to learn, but hard to master.

Gameplay consists of controlling a spaceman character who is trapped within a room surrounded by spiked walls.  The screen is split in half, vertically, and the player must tap either the left or right side of the screen in order to move the character within the respective direction, the character also moves upwards in the process.

The goal is to survive as long as possible, which isn’t easy considering that the walls begin to move in, making the moveable space smaller. There is no way to completely stop the walls moving in, however, orbs randomly appear, and if they are collected then the walls are halted from moving for a brief time.

The controls although tricky, are easy to learn after several play through, the challenge comes from mastering the goals in order to consistently collect orbs.  As the space becomes smaller it becomes easier to collide with orbs, however it is also easier to make a mistake, and collide with one of the walls, ending the game.

Therefore, the aim is to continue to collect orbs so the walls essentially do not move inwards, meaning you have more navigational space, and therefore will obtain a better overall time, as the chances of colliding with the walls increasing, as they navigational space decreases.



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